Amazing Opi nail polish color chart 2014

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Beautiful nails tell a lot about a woman. Hands are the mirror of neatness and care. There is no woman who has not heard about Opi. Winter is almost behind us and as the warmer days are coming many different colors specially lighter will be in trend for this season. Actually, when you take a look at Opi nail polish color chart 2014, you can see that almost every color is included. As a most popular brand, they also pay attention of components that are included in production of these lacquers. Opi does not contain substances as toluene, formaldehyde and other that are not environmental friendly and these products are not tested on animals. They have Pro-Wide brush, they are easy to apply, dry quickly and last very long. Interesting names, makes them one of the most interesting and innovating brand on the market.

Opi nail polish color chart 2014 brings many novelty, interesting colors and shades. We will try to bring closer to you what is new for this year.

Neutral shades includes beige tones, light peach and skin tone are most popular and timeless. They are suitable for any occasion and look sophisticated and elegant at the same time. Fancy girls like zircons. Tinsel and gold colors, even silver are made for those who like to experiment and have disco queen look.

Opi nail polish color chart 2014

For summer that is coming, Opi nail polish color chart 2014 brings something unusual and cheerful. Colors of tropical fruits like watermelon, lemon, and kiwi are only few of these attractive lacquers. Colors of ocean and sand are something unusual but great as something that goes and can combine with swimsuit and beach outfit. Green is something that you cannot miss from Opi nail polish color chart 2014. These shades are for women who like something wild and hot.

Wonderful OPI Nail polish color chart

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The world’s most famous name for nail polish and nail lacquer is as versatile as its staggering repute allows it to be. Endorsed by celebrities and designers, and even having introduced a nail polish line for dogs, O.P.I is as innovative and combative as ever. Apart from bringing out new nail accessories to the market, O.P.I’s philanthropic tendencies are also quite appreciable. With supporting the American Red Cross, and various others with its funding, O.P.I has made a great name for itself in the World today- a name that reflects the people behind it as much as the nail polish ranges they bring forward.

The OPI Nail polish color chart has hundreds of nail polish colors that have all been produced by the diligent team. From pastels to bright, their range is quite extensive and has made itself available in the smallest and the biggest stores worldwide. The OPI Nail polish color chart boasts a multitude of shades and tones. From the Mariah Carey collection to the Nicole range, there are so many colors and even more shades to choose from.

The New York Ballet collection from the OPI Nail polish color chart has a soft and pale distinction, the Skyfall collection has a range of bold, chic, yet edgy tones while the Minnie Mouse range comprises of a funky variety of pink shades. Thus the OPI Nail polish color chartis an all-around collection with lavenders like the herb, oranges like the hue of the setting sun, reds deeper than wine and browns purer than the sand. With pale and pure tones of every color, their range has a quite large expanse, par with the high standards and quality. It appears as if various colors from the nature have been bottled, and presented to us, to play with and to beautify with.

Classic OPI pink nail polish

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If someone asked me to elaborate on O.P.I, I would say that it is a nail polish company – but not just that, it is so much more. It is an organization that has become a major part of our fashion industry, revolutionizing our choices over the last three decades, because they are the only ones perfectly capable of the amalgamation of tradition and innovation. The name is everywhere, on billboards, on websites, on T.V. And the nailpolish is everywhere too from a simple drugstore to the specialty stores, adorning the shelves, glittering like happiness in a bottle.

OPI Pink Nail Polish has become everybody’s favorite, and its popularity increases by the minute, being advertised in glossy papers of top notch fashion magazines. It is something that is constant in our fashion industry, both classic and chic- OPI Pink Nail Polish is to remain on your dressers, forevermore. The OPI Pink Nail Polish includes popular shades like the O.P.I Pinking of You, O.P.I Not So Bora-Boring Pink, O.P.I Pink Friday and the famous O.P.I Italian Love Affair.

Pink, being the official breast cancer awareness color, OPI Pink Nail Color is made even versatile in the October of each year, with the launch of fresh sets of pink youthful polishes with the sole purpose of raising money for charity. This gives their range a beautiful purpose that inspires the good out of anyone who buys it.

Pink has been a long admired color. OPI Pink Nail Polish has light lady like shades, bold fuchsia shades to give you a fun edge and confetti filled shades for the glamorous woman. Their colors are perfect for French manicures and over the top party manicures. With pinks like cotton candy with the delicacy of rose petals, the OPI Pink Nail polish seems to have won the war against other companies, coming out on top, successful.