Amazing Opi nail polish color chart 2014

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Pictures © by OPI

Beautiful nails tell a lot about a woman. Hands are the mirror of neatness and care. There is no woman who has not heard about Opi. Winter is almost behind us and as the warmer days are coming many different colors specially lighter will be in trend for this season. Actually, when you take a look at Opi nail polish color chart 2014, you can see that almost every color is included. As a most popular brand, they also pay attention of components that are included in production of these lacquers. Opi does not contain substances as toluene, formaldehyde and other that are not environmental friendly and these products are not tested on animals. They have Pro-Wide brush, they are easy to apply, dry quickly and last very long. Interesting names, makes them one of the most interesting and innovating brand on the market.

Opi nail polish color chart 2014 brings many novelty, interesting colors and shades. We will try to bring closer to you what is new for this year.

Neutral shades includes beige tones, light peach and skin tone are most popular and timeless. They are suitable for any occasion and look sophisticated and elegant at the same time. Fancy girls like zircons. Tinsel and gold colors, even silver are made for those who like to experiment and have disco queen look.

Opi nail polish color chart 2014

For summer that is coming, Opi nail polish color chart 2014 brings something unusual and cheerful. Colors of tropical fruits like watermelon, lemon, and kiwi are only few of these attractive lacquers. Colors of ocean and sand are something unusual but great as something that goes and can combine with swimsuit and beach outfit. Green is something that you cannot miss from Opi nail polish color chart 2014. These shades are for women who like something wild and hot.

Great Opi spring 2014 collection

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Pictures © by OPI

Opi spring 2014 collection named OPI Brazil Collection for spring/summer 2014 and have slogan “work, play, polish”. This manufacturer brings paints of tropical rainforests, as well as warm sandy beaches. Spring collection have spectrum of shades, from gentle rose, coral, yellow, red and orange to earth shades of green jungle and mocha.

Nicole by Opi

Opi spring 2014 collection by Nicole is long-lasting lacquers, very quality and fast drying. This collection counts 15 new varnishes, and includes:

  • “Be Awesome” – a rainbow tinsel
  • “Teal Me Something New” – azure
  • “Emerald Empowered” – jewelry green
  • “Fabulous Is My Middle Name” – pink/gray
  • “Sweet Surrender” – tone between pink and white
  • “At Least I Pink So” – pink
  • “Yoga-then-Yogurt” – cream white
  • “That’s Putting it Mild” – skin color
  • “Taupe of My Class” – earthy tone
  • “I Shop Mintage” – green mint
  • “The Blue is So You” – dark blue
  • “Always a Flirt” – screaming pink
  • “I’ll Have the Salmon” – peachy
  • “Something About Spring” – sexy pink
  • “Oh, That’s Just Grape” – purple.

Matt colors

Matt colors are very modern and popular among women of all ages. Because they have something mysterious in itself, it is preferred among ladies. Lacquers with the matt finals are very trendy. Matt colors are more lasting than any other nail polish.

High gloss

From this year’s collection you can expect quality and high gloss, except if is at stake matt color. High gloss with admixture tinsel and shiny powder will delight you. Colors with most diverse tones will make you a true queen. Also, Opi nail polishes have neon colors. It will blow your mind. You will be dancing queen, too.

Opi nail polish color chart 2013 collection


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Have you heard of Opi? Have you been introduced to Opi nail polish color chart 2013? As the new year has already started it is a perfect time to talk about trends this year. As so much attention has been given to clothes and hairstyle, I am going to talk to you about amazing opi nail polish color chart 2013.

Mariah Carey collection

You probably know that Opi has already created collections for famous persons. The one that brought so much attention to it was Nicky Minaj collection. But it seems like a new opi star has arrived. This year a new Mariah Carey Opi nail polish color chart is going to be in the stores. This January, Opi is realizing one of the newest collection of their nail polishes. This collection is inspired by this pop icon of amazing voice. You will love the colors in Mariah Carey Opi nail polish color chart. 

mariah carey opi nail polish color chart


From Mariah Carey Opi nail polish color chart 2013 you will absolutely love liquid sand shade. Liquid sand consists out of 4 different colors and all of them have sparkles and look really gorgeous. These colors will make you think of Mariah’s dresses that she wore on red carpets and her world tours. So, get ready to be amazed with this part of Mariah Carey Opi nail polish color chart 2013 collection.

opi mariah carey liquid sand


Euro Centrale Opi nail polish color chart 2013

Another collection that Opi is releasing this year is Euro Centrale. This collection will be in the stores in February, so this is a sneak peek of this collection. This Opi nail polish color chart 2013 has some really amazing colors. There are bright ones, soft ones and of course glittery ones, something for each one of you. I love “I saw.. U saw… We saw… Warsaw” color from this color chart. It is a strong blue that is absolutely gorgeous for these cold days. Nothing better than nice nail polish to make your days brighter. Another nail polish color that I think is great is the only nail polish with sparkles in it in this collection, and it is called “”. It is a shade of purple with glitter that is going to look really wonderful with simple, one colored clothes. It is going to look absolutely amazing for any occasion.

OPI Euro Centrale


NYC Ballet collection

This is not a new collection by Opi, but this Opi nail polish color chart 2013 collection has colors that are always trendy. Soft colors like pink, beige, grey are always more than welcome on everyone’s nail polish rack. You just need to have some soft colors for formal occasions, you never know when will you need it. 

opi nail polish color chart nyc ballet


James Bond magnetic Opi nail polish color chart 2013

You have probably seen what Skyfall collection has to offer you. Now, we are talking about specific type of nail polishes inspired by James Bond,  Skyfall magnetic nail lacquers. There are 3 different colors in this collection. 
They are all shiny and glittery, seductive and irresistible, perfect for young women.  If you get some of the nail polishes from this Opi nail polish color chart 2013 you will probably feel like a Bond girl. Mysterious and sexy. My favorite one is “Morning. Money Penny”. It is a shade of red but completely different than anything you have seen before. 

There is a lot more opi nail polish color chart 2013. After reading this I am sure you are eager to get Mariah Carey collection and Euro Centrale collection. You should know these two collections are an absolute “must have” this year. Try out these new collections when they arrive in stores and after that, I am sure Opi is preparing some more Opi nail polish color chart 2013.