OPI Gel Colors 2015

The latest limited collection of OPI nail polish and OPI gel colors 2015, inspired by the magical film “Empire of the Great Oz,” was created by another in a series of co brand OPI gel colors 2015 and Disney and has already become a hit in the world of lovers varnish. The collection of new OPI colors 2015 contains a variety of natural colors and pink, black and silver and gold shades.

OPI Gel Colors 2015

We are sure that will surprise and delight you with 7 imaginative and powerful OPI gel colors 2015, with interesting name – Glints of Glinda, Which is Witch?, Don’t Burst my Bubble, When Monkeys Fly, I Theodora You, Lights of Emerald City and What Wizardry is this?. Have fun with the combination of OPI gel colors 2015 and glitter; let your nails shine with OPI nail polish color chart!

Last year’s overwhelming enthusiasm nail-art could not cause the opposite reaction of professionals in the fashion industry this season, especially when it comes to OPI gel colors 2015. The reaction did not appear right away – even last spring, summer and fall, the nails are painted in all colors of the rainbow, and some are turning and minx manicure, artificial nails and stickers. During the winter the love of colorful manicure of new OPI colors 2015 beginning to weaken, though not entirely disappeared. Just because of this year’s spring season cannot be fully season pastel beige nails, although all manicure masters in fashion chose a neutral color nail polish.

New opi colors 2015

At the recent fashion weeks in New York, London and Milan, experts have remained faithful to himself decided to eradicate the habit created fashionistas to use vibrant OPI gel colors 2015. As a result, we could see a manicure with OPI gel colors 2015 of beige and white tones, or complete absence of nail polish on most shows and in the OPI nail polish color chart. The only exception was the use of red light, light burgundy or purple paint on catwalks of fashion house Calvin Klein, Burberry Prorsum, Giorgio Armany, Fendi, and some others. Mariah Carey has designed a line of nail polishes with OPI gel colors 2015; the collection began shipping worldwide in January. On offer is a collection of eight different colors from beige to pink satin with sequins. On hoarding gold tones dominate with one contrasting accent – a rich purple on Mariah’s nails.

Specialists believe that the manicure beige and red light OPI gel colors 2015 are to become a hit in the summer season. Dark skin after the summer the possibility of highlighting manicured nails, so that they do not need to paint or can be used creamy translucent shades. If so there is no need for painting, then nail polish dark red winter shades beautifully match the short, oval shaped nails.